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Power users often find the standard Windows File Explorer too limited and need a more complete file manager to suit their needs. If you're among them look no further because we've got the right app for you with Q-Dir.

Q-Dir is a multi-pane file manager for Windows that makes file management more convenient and above all, far more comfortable for you. Having several windows pointing to different locations on your hard drive makes it much easier to move or copy data from one folder to another, and also makes browsing faster. Q-Dir supports different layouts with 2, 3 o 4 panes and each one of them can be configured separately.

Q-Dir doesn't really add any extra function to the ones already featured in Windows Explorer, but there's one special feature I did like: the possibility to show files in different colors according to the file type, such as blue for images, red for music and so on. Plus, this color code is totally customizable.

Q-Dir doesn't require installation and can even been run from a USB stick.

Though it doesn't feature any special tool, Q-Dir is still a more complete file manager with multiple panes and customizable color codes for file types.

changes: Open Quick-Link's in new tab via midl mouse button Open Folders via Folder menu in new tab via midl mouse button Disable Transparent Selection (at W7/Vista) via Menu/Extras/List-View Too long path, we shortened the text in the title bar correctly eg ../../file.xxx pros: Multi-pane interface makes file management easier, Several layouts to choose from, Color code for files cons: No extra tools like you find in other Explorer alternatives